About Us

At America’s Greatest Outdoor Living, we bring decades of experience to the table and flawlessly turn your backyard into the space of your dreams—your very own personal paradise! AGOL brings you a variety of restorative and building services for your outdoor needs. AGOL is the hard work of Bernard Callaghan, an expert who has been in the masonry and landscape business for almost 50 years and offers free consultations to clients while also using his expertise to draw up professional plans for their work.

Our Offerings

We offer an array of services that include everything for your outdoor space such as kitchen, patio, walls, waterfalls, firepits, entire seating areas, and yard leveling services, wall retainment services, stairs, ponds, and so much more. Whether it’s construction or restoration, we’ve got you covered.


With 48 years of dedication under his belt, Bernard has worked in his own company in Boston for 40 of those years, successfully performing jobs of all scales all over New England and California. He has worked in great capacities for everyone from homeowners and contractors to full fledged corporations and even the city of Boston and Department of Conservation (DCR).


Bernard started and learned his trade in Ireland, building stone walls, landscaping yards, and restoring old buildings from the 1700s with the tried and tested techniques of his ancestors, the Masons, handed down to him through the generations by his grandfather and father.